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Integra AeroSmart


The strong and sturdy AeroSmart uses world class electronic technology and well researched user centric design to create a beautiful workstation to the highest quality, right here in Australia.

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Watch Integra AeroSmart in Action


  • Smooth and quiet one-touch electronic height adjustability at 38mm/s
  • PIEZOTM controlled anti-collision technology
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Count calories, alert-to-stand and track progress with optional sit stand management software
  • Tidy cable mangement system with battery back up for wireless use
  • Can be adapted/customised for industrial workshops
  • Elegant design
  • Australian Made

Boost your workplace performance with beautiful electronic sit-stand workstations that deliver health and productivity improvement results.

The strong and sturdy AeroSmart uses world-class electronic technology and well-researched user-centric design to create a beautiful workstation to the highest quality, right here in Australia.

You will be proud to have the AeroSmart in your workplace to provide an energised, safe and happy working environment that maximises productivity and business performance. Your workplace will be the beneficiary of Integra’s drive to provide elegant ergonomics that deliver results.

Health benefits of sit-stand desks

  • Reduced sedentary behaviour is associated with reduced obesity, increased weight loss, improved mental health, and enhanced health and happiness.
  • Increased wellbeing at work (more alert, task-driven and positive).
  • Actively moving around can reduce the risk of cancer up to 25%.
  • Muscle activity is almost 2.5 x higher than during sitting.
  • Research has shown that physical activity is independent of sedentary behaviour. This implies that regular exercise is insufficient, hence the need for a reduced amount of time sitting.

Note that the aim of a sit-stand desk is not to replace extended sitting with extended standing. Here are a few tips as to how you can maximise the use of your sit-stand desk:

  • Shift between sitting and standing by allocating 15 mins of standing to every hour of sitting, accumulating to 2 hours of standing per day.
  • Take short breaks and walk from the desk e.g. tea breaks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that do not hurt your back.

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