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Integra BioSmart


Integra’s BioSmart will inject energy and safety into your workplace while capitalising on your existing furniture assets.



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    • This item is not compatible with Apple monitors (iMac).
    • Suitable for screens between 19” to 27”.
    • Monitors must have VESA mount (either 50, 75, 100 mm).
    • Please review our product specifications before purchasing to ensure that your device(s) can be supported by the BioSmart.

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  • Smooth and quiet one-touch electronic height adjustability at 38mm/s
  • Sits flush with desk when in lowered position
  • Adjustable monitor height for perfect elbow to eye height
  • Fully articulating arms for personalised monitor distance
  • Screen tilt and pivot function for movement, adjustability and glare control
  • PIEZOTM controlled anti-collision technology
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Count calories, alert-to-stand and track progress with optional sit stand management software
  • Minimal desk-space footprint
  • Tidy cable management system
  • Elegant design
  • Australian Made

Investing in your furniture is an asset which provides beauty and delivers performance. You can now elevate this performance by converting your beautiful furniture into an elegant body-transforming, electronic sit-stand desk.

Integra’s BioSmart will inject energy and safety into your workplace while capitalising on your existing furniture assets.

With minimum desk-space footprint, the BioSmart is an electronic standing desk converter that is Australian made, elegantly designed, and has a smooth and quiet operation. It is a strong and sturdy computer platform that focuses on the ergonomic benefits of sit-stand desk variation.

At Integra, we are for elegant ergonomics to convert you existing furniture investment and enhance business performance

Health benefits of sit-stand desks

  • Reduced sedentary behaviour is associated with reduced obesity, increased weight loss, improved mental health, and enhanced health and happiness.
  • Increased well-being at work (more alert, task-driven and positive).
  • Actively moving around can reduce the risk of cancer up to 25%.
  • Muscle activity is almost 2.5 x higher than during sitting.
  • Research has shown that physical activity is independent of sedentary behaviour. This implies that regular exercise is insufficient hence the need for a reduced amount of time sitting.

Note that the aim of a sit-stand desk is not to replace extended sitting with extended standing. Here are a few tips as to how you can maximise the use of your sit-stand desk:

  • Shift between sitting and standing by allocating 15 mins of standing to every hour of sitting, accumulating to 2 hours of standing per day.
  • Take short breaks and walk from the desk e.g. tea breaks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that do not hurt your back.

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