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Our TouchSmart Collection has been created for public spaces, workplaces, retail outlets and exhibitions to enhance business performance through increased sales, service, customer experience, data collection, staff performance and public transport commuter information. We will tailor a TouchSmart solution to meet your unique needs and will design and make a solution for large or small volumes. If you are market testing, we will also evolve the design to suit your targeted outcomes. Our aim is to help you drive business success through our TouchSmart Collection.

  • The TouchSmart Collection comprises a range of standard or custom made touchscreen engagement interface/kiosk modules that are innovative, practical for both marketing and production purposes.



Integra specialises in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art, attractive enclosures that integrate display screens and customer interface touch screens.
We have a standard range of kiosks and enclosures but we also capitalise on our industrial design and engineering expertise to customise solutions precisely tailored to our clients’ vision, branding, marketing and environmental aspirations.
Integra is a success-focused team player. We always welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with client key stakeholders and other suppliers.

This product is completely custom to your individual requirements.  Please contact us via the enquire now button to consult with us about your needs.

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