Integra Proclick Tool System|Workshop Tool Storage|Mounted Tool Storage

Integra ProClick Tool System


  • In the workplace, Integra’s Pro-Click System increases job efficiency by encouraging users to neatly organise and display tools and products, then rewards them with immediate access. The system provides great flexibility whilst also enabling standardisation across multiple workstations. Clearing away bench top clutter always results in a safer workplace.



The Integra ProClick Tool System ensures maximum efficiency/minimum downtime for industrial workshops, maintenance, production and assembly facilities. Everything has its place and everything is in its place. Re-arranging tooling is easy with the unique re-location mechanism that securely locks the tool holder in place. The Integra ProClick Tool System is designed to fasten to the Integra Modular Workbench or can be retro-fitted to any workbench.

Your workplace Lean, 5S and OH&S requirements are all unique. We will work with you to optimise your industrial workplace performance with a unique tool layout. You will achieve measurable results with a fully conceived tooling arrangement, incorporating our patented ProClick tool storage system. Enquire now for a customised solution.